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Importance of Doing Yoga


Yoga Benefits

There is no substitute for yoga to keep ourselves healthy in our modern life. So the practice of yoga is going on all over the world. The benefits of yoga are especially emphasized in  medicine. But in order to practice yoga, it is necessary to know everything about it properly, such as the rules of yoga, the method of yoga, the benefits of yoga, etc.

What is Yoga-

According to many, yoga is a practice through which the various parts of the body maintain proper movement, communication and well-being.

Yoga exercises are a means of finding the connection of nature with life. So the reality of nature is found through the body by the movement of different gestures and breathing. By practicing yoga, it is possible to bring intimacy with the world by awakening each and every sense. Yoga is very important to find self-confidence and sincerity.

Benefits Of Yoga-

The role of yoga in reducing mental and physical stress and achieving positive results is undeniable. Yoga can benefit you in many ways. Let's take a look at:

1. Blood circulation-

With the help of yoga, oxygen and essential nutrients enter the body properly. So blood circulation can be maintained properly. As a result, all the organs work properly and the skin becomes radiant.

2. Lowered Blood Pressure-

If you practice yoga every day, high blood pressure is reduced as a result of proper circulation of blood circulation and oxygen. The body gets cold.

3. Lowered Respiratory Problems-

Practice yoga if you have asthma or shortness of breath. In this way the function of the lungs gradually comes to the right rhythm and comfort is obtained.

4. Increase Immunity-

Immunity is linked to the practice of yoga. With the help of yoga, the cells of the body can be damaged and the body gradually regains its immunity.

5. Increase Metabolism-

The more properly the digestive system works, the easier it will be to control weight. As a result of yoga, the digestive system develops.

6. Sleep Gets Better-

Yoga cools the brain which calms the mood. For this you can stay stress free and the problem of insomnia at night is eliminated.

7. Boosted Red Blood Cells-

The amount of red blood cells is correct, that is, the level of hemoglobin is correct. This results in relief from anemia. Increases immunity. With the help of yoga, blood circulation improves and red blood cells start growing.

8. Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases-

Yoga improves the oxygenation of the body i.e. the supply of oxygen to the body so that the rate of heartbeat remains correct. As a result, various diseases can be prevented.

9. Constipation-

Regular yoga exercises put great pressure on the lower part of the body and correct the digestive system. This can prevent constipation.

10. Back Pain-

Yoga provides great benefits in reducing back pain. If you do Padmasana straight for 30 minutes every day, the back pain will be relieved very soon.

 Types of Yoga-

A total of 14 types of yoga are practiced all over the world. That is, there are 14 types of yoga:

1. Hand Yoga- It usually relaxes the body and relaxes the brain. This is done by sitting with the back straight and the hands folded upwards.

2. Iyengar Yoga - This means Padmasana. It is very effective in reducing peace and stress in the brain.

3. Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Yoga is the practice of awakening the Kundalini power of one's heart through Tantra and meditation. This increases the strength and confidence of the mind.

4. Astangana Yoga- This type of yoga involves a lot of physical care and exercise. It can be used to lose weight and exercise a variety of energy.

5. Binayak Yoga- This is a scientific method practiced in India which is specially propagated from Binayak College.

6. Vikram Yoga- This yoga practice is practiced in a warm temperature room with deep breathing by various gestures.

7. Hot Yoga - Like Vikram Yoga, hot yoga is done at hot temperatures, but it may not require any hot room.

8. Kripalu Yogasana - It is a lot like hand yoga. In Kripalu Yoga, sadhana is done by remembering God.

9. Jeevamukti Yoga - The physical, moral and spiritual yoga that is done to increase devotion, non-violence and meditation is called Jeevan Mukti Yoga.

10. In Yoga- This yoga is done at a slightly slower pace with meditation time.

11. Restorative Yoga - Restorative Yoga is the process of rediscovering one's physical and mental state.

12. Pre-Maternal Yoga- This type of yoga is done before or during pregnancy so that a healthy strong baby is born later and the mother is in good physical condition.

13. Anusara Yoga- Through this yoga spiritual thinking is enhanced.

14. Other Strange Types of Yoga - There are many types of yoga that are a little weird but very common. Such as yoga with honey or mode, yoga with laughter or crying, yoga with any animal or bird, etc.

Rules Of Yoga

There are some special rules for yoga that your yoga teacher will tell you first. But if you know in advance, you will benefit more. Below are the necessary rules in detail:

Proper dress-
You have to do yoga after wearing loose and comfortable clothes. He must have a yoga mat on which to sit and practice. Yoga should always be done barefoot.

Rules of eating-
Make sure that the stomach is empty before doing yoga. This means that food can be eaten at least 2 to 4 hours before yoga and 2 hours after it is done. Otherwise there may be discomfort in the body.

An important thing to learn in yoga is to pay attention to breathing.

Don't insist-
It should be done slowly without forcing it, otherwise the pain in the body will increase.

Weight is not a barrier-
Many people think that doing yoga requires a very smooth and diseased body. But this is absolutely wrong. Whatever your weight, you can do yoga to your advantage.

Correct Time to Practice Yoga

The scientifically correct time for yoga is 3:40 in the morning. Also, doing yoga at sunrise is the best time. Breathing in the cool and fresh weather of the morning keeps both body and mind fresh. As a result, your daily activities will go well.

In the morning, the mood of the mind is cold and calm and with it the brain is completely fresh. After waking up in the morning, wash your face and start yoga. Slowly tighten the muscles, you will see that the body has started to become lighter. The most sacred and best time to assimilate with nature is the morning.