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Some important things to consider before bringing a pet home for the first time

Some important things to consider before bringing a pet home for the first time

Are you deciding to bring home a pet? So read this article, here are the things to keep in mind before bringing a pet home for the first time.

Are you ready to take on all kinds of responsibility?

Bringing a pet home means not just playing with it, you have to be prepared for a much bigger responsibility. Taking your pet for a walk, feeding him on time, giving medicine, etc. Ask yourself first, whether you are ready to take that responsibility? If your answer is no, and you don't have someone at home who can do those things for you, then please don't bring a pet home.

Can you keep your pet as a member of the house?

Your friend brought home a small puppy, so you also want a puppy as a pet; Or you see pictures or videos of kittens on the internet and you think they're so cute that you want to adopt a cat - if that's the case, let's just say in advance, please don't bring puppies or kittens home; Unless you can totally care for them.

Because even though dogs or cats are the first choice of most people as pets, it is good to know that these pets do not leave their master at all. Sometimes he will get up on the bed and sometimes he will sit on the sofa. To be honest, sometimes I can't even go to the washroom alone. Before bringing home a dog or cat, think carefully about whether you can adjust your pet to your lifestyle.

Are you ready to adjust?

Just as it takes time for us to adjust when moving to a new place, just like when you bring home a pet for the first time, understand that the little one will also need time to adjust to the new environment in a new home, so don't force anything on him. .

You will also have to adjust a lot, keep that in mind. Puppies sometimes get up at night to cry or play. I remember when my two pets were little they would get up at the exact same time every night and wake me up too. When I put them to sleep in their bed, they would just get up and cry. He would sleep if he could sleep with his arms again. After staying up all night like this, when I went to sleep in the morning, they would get up and start playing again. So guys, are you ready for them?

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It's not just that they have to wake up at night, but when puppies or kittens are young, i.e. when they have new teeth, their tendency to bite increases. Whatever they get in front of their hands, be it newspaper, clothes, bowls, shoes, etc., they start biting it. But most of all they love to bite the owner's hand. So be prepared for lots of scratching and biting. If you are bringing a pet for the first time, remember that you will need to adjust more. Because you brought him, he did not come to your house by himself; Second, your little pet is clueless.

It is a lifelong commitment:

Maybe you were forced to adopt a puppy, but your family doesn't like it very much and they don't give the puppy time – what do you do in this situation? Or suppose you have a transferable job, and you want to bring a pet. But suppose again after 2 or 3 years you get transferred somewhere else, either you leave your pet dog alone or give it to a shelter. What is it to do? No! Bring a pet thinking that such a situation could happen in life.

Keep in mind some other important things:

.Do not throw away chewing gum, medicine strips, aluminium foil or cigarette butts. If it enters the pet's stomach, it can cause serious damage.

.Be careful not to get any hair in your pet's mouth.

.But for a pet the monthly expenses are pretty good. His food, medicine, toys, bathing and grooming equipment – ​​all will cost you quite a bit of money. Bring home a puppy or kitten only after considering whether you can afford that additional cost for roughly 10-12 years.

.Do not place electrical cords or curtain rods anywhere in the house.

.If there are any poisonous plants in the house or garden, uproot them now.

.Keep any chemicals within reach of your pet puppy or kitten. Your little pet is innocent, you have to be responsible.

.Wipe the room with salt instead of phenyl or dettol. Because if a single drop of phenyl gets into the stomach of a puppy or kitten it can be fatal.

.Be careful not to get insects from the grass in your garden. Or if you have a bird as a pet in your house, make sure that its feces do not get into the small puppy's stomach. Dogs can get a disease called parvo, which is fatal, from grasshoppers or bird droppings.