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10+ share market investment tips for beginners


Share market investment tips
Share market Tips

Everyone loves to earn money. It is said that there is a lot of money in the stock market. An example of some people is given that they started investing with only 5000 rupees. In fact, you too can make money from the stock market by following some simple tips. If you pay attention to some things in the stock market, you can become a millionaire from a millionaire. It is also a bitter truth that more than 90% of retailers are not able to make money from the stock market before every retail investor enters the stock market.

Now we tell you how you can become a millionaire in the stock market:

1.Planning required:

Another important point mentioned by the market experts. According to them, after investing everywhere and completing all household tasks, only the amount left at the end of the month should be invested. Never borrow money and invest in the stock market. And investing in stock market from any much needed money is not the right decision. Only extra money should be invested after paying all the expenses of the month. Because there is no guarantee of profit or loss in the stock market, it is not a right decision to invest the necessary money in any way. So some money should be kept for urgent needs. If all the money is invested in the stock market then there may be problems in urgent need.

2.Goals need to be set:

As suggested by Angel Broking, before investing, an investor should understand what exactly he is looking for? And why are you looking to invest money? Are you looking to invest money for long term or short term? Experts feel that investment should be done only after considering the whole matter.

3.Investment plan:

After deciding why you want to invest, decide where to invest. Depending on the income and expenditure of the investor one has to choose which plan will be the right investment decision. And decide whether to save a lump sum or invest little by little over time.

4.Need to be updated:

It is important to know all the information about the stock market at all times. Regular practice with market conditions is necessary. And all information about the company in whose stock the investor has invested needs to be known. Also need to know the management, past status of that company.

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5.You need to budget yourself for investment:

Investing in the stock market requires a certain budget. Because sometimes many people invest extra money. This causes problems. So budgeting is very important to avoid that problem.

6.Need to know information on the company's business:

It is important to know about the business of the company whose shares are being invested. Maybe that business is not valued much at present but it will increase in future. So depends on the nature of the business Investing is the right decision.

 7.Investing by listening to others:

Never invest in the stock market on the advice of others. Many times retail investors invest in the stock market without proper information. Investing money without understanding the stock market is the biggest mistake. Such mistakes should be avoided. Understand the stock market well, only then think about making money.

8.Invest in good companies:

Invest in companies that have significant influence in the market. Investing in a good company is very important in getting good prices. Besides, one should not over invest in any stock. Investing too much money in a good company can lead to loss rather than profit.

9.Swing Trading:

Swing trading is entering a trade with the intention of holding a stock for a period of time. You may not see a profit of ₹1000 daily in swing trading but if you are able to trade properly then you can achieve your goal after few days.

10.Intraday trading:

There is no fixed investment limit, you can start from as little as 1,000 or even start with  1,00,000. As there is no limit to investment, so there is no limit to earning in stock market. You need to find trending stocks, meaning stocks that are likely to move up or down significantly during the market open. Explore stocks under trending news for this.

11.Trade in stocks with high volume:

The first rule of intraday trading is to always keep an eye on high volume or liquid shares. The term 'volume' refers to the number of shares that move from one hand to another in a day. Since you have to stop trading before the end of trading hours, the profit potential depends on the liquidity of the stock.

Only if you feel confident about a stock, should you invest in it. Before starting trading you need to research about 8-10 such stocks.