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Delicious Big Smokey Burger Easy Recipe


Big Smokey Burger
Big Smokey Burger

In the current era, the trend of eating fast food is increasing rapidly. People of all ages like to eat burgers. Some people become so fond of eating burgers that they like to make them at home as well. The special thing is that if you make your burger at home, it will prove to be healthy as well as tasty. Today we are talking about the best recipe for making Big Smokey burgers at home. With this recipe, you can easily prepare burgers in minutes. Let's find out what ingredients are needed to make a burger and how to make it.

Big Smokey Burger Ingredients

. Oil - 1 tsp

. Cumin – ½ tsp

. Chopped onion - 1

. Chopped carrot- 1

. Frozen peas - ½ cup

. White salt – ½ tsp

. Red Chilli Powder – ¼ tsp

. Black pepper powder – ½ tsp

. Chaat Masala – ½ tsp

. Ginger – as per taste

. Finely chopped green chillies – 1

. Freshly chopped coriander – as per taste

. Boiled potatoes- 4

. Bread crumbs - 4 tsp

. Flour - 4 teaspoons

. Cornflower- 4 tsp

. Burger Buns - 6

. Mayonnaise

. Tomato sauce

. Cabbage - as per taste

. Cucumber - as per taste

. Tomatoes – as per taste

. Chop onion - as per taste

Big Smokey Burger Recipe

Step 1 –  First, we start with Burger. For this take a pan and add one tablespoon of oil in it. When the oil is hot, reduce the flame to low-medium and add the cumin seeds for frying.

Step 2 - Add finely chopped onion to it and fry it lightly so that its raw taste goes away. Now add finely chopped carrots, frozen peas and cook for a while, stirring constantly so that it softens a bit.

Step 3 - After that add white salt, red chilli powder, black chilli powder, chaat spice and mix. Now add some finely chopped/crushed ginger, finely chopped green chillies, some freshly chopped coriander leaves and four boiled potatoes (mashed) and mix well. Grind with the help of a grinder.

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Step 4 - Finally add bread crumbs to bind the vegetables, switch off the gas and mix well. Then take out the mixture on a plate and leave it for some time to come to normal temperature.

Step 5 - Now we will make the batter to make the crispy. Take flour and cornflour. You can also use arrowroot instead of cornflower. Mix little water as needed to make a batter. The stability of the batter should not be too thick. Add 2 pinches of white salt to it and mix it well.

Step 6 - The mixture has come to normal temperature. Now make a veggie patty mixture from it. The veggie patty mixture should be the size of a burger bun. Take the mixture and shape it into the burger as per your preference. Dip the mixture in batter and roll in bread crumbs. Now fry it.

Step 7 - Put the pan on gas and add oil. When the oil is hot, reduce the heat to medium and fry the patty mixture until they become crispy on both sides. Cook all the patty mixture like this.

Step 8 - Now make a burger and cut it in the middle. Keep the pan on gas and grease it. Bake the buns and when the buns are done, spread mayonnaise on the base of the burger and tomato ketchup on top. Now place the cabbage on top of the mayonnaise and the burger patties on top of the cabbage. Place the cucumber, tomato and onion slices on the burger and place the top side of the bun and press down slightly.

Your delicious Big Smokey Burger is ready, enjoy it with mustard sauce or tomato ketchup.